The McNeil's Nebula: is a variable nebula discovered January 23, 2004 by Jay McNeil of Paducah, Kentucky. The newborn nebula was found while processing a wide field image of Orion's Messier 78 nebular region which was taken from McNeil's suburban backyard using a 3-inch refractor. Images taken of the area before September 2003 show absolutely no signs of the nebula. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) Imaging info: 17X300s, ISO-800, F/6, (1hr25m total exposure) captured on 01/29/12 Equipment Used: Explore Scientific 127mm APO, CGEM Dx Mount, Canon450D (Hap Griffin Modified), Tele-Vue.8x Focal Reducer, Orion 50mm Guide Scope, StarShoot AutoGuider. Software: Camera Control Backyard EOS, PHD Guiding, Deepsky Stacker, Photoshop CS-5, Noiseware Community Edition - DivineAstrophotography